Two simple bird models from the Japanese pinwheel

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This is from my Paper Quilt notebook.



Mother Mary and Baby Jesus

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I designed this card, including its focal point, Mother Mary and Baby Jesus. I’ve been thinking of making Christmas cards with this model. The “frame”, with rose motif, is the traditional origami medallion which I have been using for my card design lately as you can see in my previous posts.


cards using two traditional models: flapping bird and medallion

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I made these greeting cards, using two simple traditional origami models: the flapping bird and the medallion. The card on the right above has additional background…which my niece didn’t like. So I made two cards with just the bird and the medallion. I find them neat and simple. For the card shown on the left below, the medallion is folded starting with the designed side of the paper on top. Because the resulting “frame” looks so plain, I embellished the card with flower designs I made out of craft puncher.
The cards are easy and won’t take long to make. Of course, the bird can be substituted with other simple models.


my latest card, featuring a standing crane

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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I did this.
This one features a crane with legs. It’s actually a variation of the traditional flapping bird. To make the legs, I cut the tail flap in half and folded it down.(I should have folded the traditional origami crane and done the same to produce legs.)
The hand-torn paper for the sentiment breaks the ‘monotony’ of the straight edges of the three rectangles in the background, and even the straight edges of the crane. The crane is made of parchment paper.


another thinking-of-you card

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Sorry for that dirty cutting mat. 🙂


thinking-of-you card

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Here’s another “test” card I made today, using simple paper collage for the background.I wrote the sentiment using black calligraphy pen. This card is so easy to make.


Christmas card…just practicing

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I made a Christmas card today just for practice. I intend to make a bunch of cards to give away or even to sell during the season.