Easy dove origami…in only 10 folds!

In Winged creatures on April 24, 2011 by romi

If I had the chance to join the Easy Dozen Design Challenge of Creased Magazine, I would have submitted this model as my entry. This is an easy dove origami completed in only 10 folds. A one-color paper is preferred for this but the model also looks good in a two-color paper.

The set of thumbnails below captures the folding procedures for the dove model. I used a two-color paper here – light blue on one side, white on the other — so it would be much easier for you to follow.

The following photo is a close-up of the tail. Note the valley-fold made. That’s a preparation for the squash-folding of the tail as shown in the next photo (bottom or inner view of the tail.)

The second to the last photo is the sideview of the preceeding one. The last thumbnail shows the complete model — with upright wings. To give it a more graceful look, you have to slightly bend or lightly valley-fold the wings diagonally toward the tail.

Now, here’s the crease pattern for the model:


2 Responses to “Easy dove origami…in only 10 folds!”

  1. I made these doves with group of 8-year-olds and they had so much fun. It’s lovely to have something that’s simple enough for them to follow, but still has beautiful results. Thank you!


  2. You’re welcome, Barbara. I’m glad you like the model.:-)


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