tato – traditional Japanese purse

In Other models on May 14, 2011 by romi

‘You’ll know elegance when you find it because the paper almost seems to fold itself.’ – David Mitchell in his book “Complete Origami”

‘Tato’ is a traditional Japanese purse used to store small and flat items such as buttons, postage stamps, needles, ID pictures, etc. For me it’s a small collapsed box, or a small envelope which you can use for invitation to parties, or greeting or note to a friend or loved one. The design of the orange tato above is inspired by Tomoko Fuse’s design for a box lid. A two-colored paper, especially one with a very good print design on one side, is best for tato folding.

Here’s how to fold the tato:

1. Valley-fold the paper into three (3) equal parts, horizontally and vertically. With the colored side up, valley-fold the corners as shown. Valley-fold diagonally in the same direction each middle square along the sides of the square.

2. Following the creases made, fold the paper into a box as shown. Since a tato is meant for storage, it should somehow look like a container or box when you open it.

As an example, the tato being folded is intended to store mini-photos and ID pictures.

3. Collapse the flaps by mountain-folding and flattening them in the same direction. Preferably, the colored side of the flaps should be the one visible.

4. Valley-fold the flaps as shown to make the pinwheel design. The model is finished.

The tato below is inspired by Tomoko Fuses’s box lid design.


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