In Bowls and dishes on May 24, 2011 by romi


This is a simple dish, which can be useful during parties. It’s good for serving peanuts, or nuts of any kind, and candies.

To make the dish:

1. Valley-fold the paper by fourths, horizontally and vertically as shown, white side up.

2. Valley-fold the upper half of the paper, toward the center, then valley-fold the upper-left corner as shown.

3. Unfold the upper-left corner, then valley-fold the the left part of the flap (the folded upper part) diagonally to align with the crease made at the upper-left corner.

4. Valley-fold the upper-left corner again, then mountain-fold its lower part and tuck it inside the flap.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other three sides of the paper. When done, you should have a dish-looking model as shown below.

But this is not it yet. You have to invert the model by slightly mountain-folding all the corners and pushing the bottom upward. When you turn the model over, you’ll have this finished product:


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