The Dragon in My Mind: enhanced by grafting

In The Dragon in My Mind on June 21, 2011 by romi

In an earlier post, I featured my simple design of a dragon, folded from a fish base. The model doesn’t have much details, making it look smooth, so I called it a ‘graceful dragon’.

Later, I featured an enhanced version of the dragon, folded from a blintzed fish base. The blintzing technique resulted to a two-color model, with the wings showing one side of the paper and the rest of the model showing the other side.

After learning about border grafting in Robert Lang’s book Origami Design Secrets, I revisited my dragon model and refolded it, using the technique. Indeed, it gave me some extra paper to add features to my dragon. More specifically, I added a horn-like feature in the head, claws in the wings, and a large fin in the tail. Now, it really looks more like it.


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