raging bull

In Four-footed creatures on February 26, 2012 by romi

At long last, I came up with something out of the frog base. Actually, I created this model from a blintzed frog base, which gives just the right number of flaps I need: four for the legs, one for the head, two for the horns, and one for the tail. And then there’s enough paper for the body. Now, I wonder what other horned animals can be folded from the same base– a reindeer perhaps, or buffalo, or antelope?

This is my second bull model. The first one which I posted here earlier was folded from the kite base. I thought that one lacked the fierce look that I wanted.

I’m sure there are other bull models out there, but I think nothing still beats Neal Elias’ Llopio’s Moment of Truth, which is a model of a bull and bull fighter with cape, all folded from a single sheet of paper!. This masterpiece made use of the box pleating technique which Elias pioneered.


2 Responses to “raging bull”

  1. I really like this model because it only uses a few creases an still captures the essence of a bull, well done!


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