from dog to fox

In Four-footed creatures on March 14, 2012 by romi

“Over all, I want you to discover the joy of creation by your own hand. …
The possibility of creation from paper is infinite.”

— Akira Yoshizawa







The dog model on the left, which I posted here previously, was folded from a blintzed pig base. With some modifications on this base, I was able to transform my dog model into a fox as shown on the right. The modifications include (a) partly grafting the paper, which explains the longer tail flap obtained for the fox model, (b) reversing the fold of one side of the blintzed paper, which explains the color change in the head as well as the presence of an open mouth, and (c) using 60-degrees angle in folding the rabbit ears in the base instead of the usual 45-degrees angle used in the classic pig base, which explains the narrower ears of the fox.

By the way, today, March 14, 2012, is the 101st birth anniversary of Akira Yoshizawa, considered to be the father of modern origami.  Google celebrates this anniversary with a home page featuring butterfly models designed by the master. Read the story here.


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