the lost origami turtle

In Four-footed creatures on October 13, 2012 by romi

Here’s a brief story of how I started folding my own original origami models.

Sometime in my mid-30s, I found an origami book that featured a nice turtle model. I didn’t buy the book. I returned to the bookstore later with a small square paper, secretly folded that model following the instructions in the book, and displayed it on my office desk. But nothing is permanent. The turtle soon was gone. I went back to the bookstore but it’s no longer there. Worse, the book was no longer sold in other branches or bookstores. And because I got busy with my work and other stuff, I stopped folding. Years later, the paper turtle came to mind and I decided to create my own model. One sleepless night, and after a few attempts, I came up with the model shown above. From then on, I expanded to other subjects, such as birds, dragons, animals, fish, boxes, and others.


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