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rectangular bowl

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pumpkin bowl

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This model reminds me of pumpkins because of its shape so I called it ‘pumpkin bowl’. 🙂


hexagon bowl

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This is a simple dish, which can be useful during parties. It’s good for serving peanuts, or nuts of any kind, and candies.

To make the dish:

1. Valley-fold the paper by fourths, horizontally and vertically as shown, white side up.

2. Valley-fold the upper half of the paper, toward the center, then valley-fold the upper-left corner as shown.

3. Unfold the upper-left corner, then valley-fold the the left part of the flap (the folded upper part) diagonally to align with the crease made at the upper-left corner.

4. Valley-fold the upper-left corner again, then mountain-fold its lower part and tuck it inside the flap.

5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the other three sides of the paper. When done, you should have a dish-looking model as shown below.

But this is not it yet. You have to invert the model by slightly mountain-folding all the corners and pushing the bottom upward. When you turn the model over, you’ll have this finished product:


bowl and rose

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This is a small rose bowl model, folded from a 9″ x 9″ gift wrapping paper. I call it ‘rose bowl’ because it’s derived from the simple rose or rose-like flower model that I created starting with the blinz base. The rose shown below was folded from a 5.5″ x 5.5″ art paper.

Here’s the procedure for folding the flower:

1. Fold the paper, white side up, into a blintz base. If you want a white rose, the colored side of the paper should be up.

2. Turn over the paper.
3. Valley-fold the bottom or ‘south’ side of the paper toward the center, allowing the flap to come out.
4. Valley-fold the right end as shown.

5. Repeat steps 3 to 4 above for the right (east) and top (north) side of the paper.

6. Repeat step 3 for the left (west) side of the paper. As you do, open the left end of the ‘south’ side. Then push that end or corner inside the ‘south’ side. Mountain fold diagonally the new flap created. You should now have an equilateral diamond form as shown below.

7. Open the flower. The model is finished.

So, how does that turn into a bowl? This simply requires valley folding each outer petal as if you are folding one side of the kite base. I leave the remaining easy steps for you to figure out.



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This is a traditional Japanese pinwheel model, also called ‘third-fold’ pinwheel in Kunihiko Kasahara’s book ‘The Art and Wonder of Origami’. I have used this model as a base for some of my creations.

Here’s how to fold the pinwheel.

The first model I created out of this pinwheel is a bowl, as shown below.