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mandala cards

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friendship card

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card- 2 flapping birds (2)


Christmas card

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card: flowers and 2 birds

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I just love the birds-and-flowers motif for cards. The birds are made by kirigami, while the flowers were drawn with watercolor….I know, I need more practice with the brush. 🙂


origami card: bird and flowers

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origami greeting cards

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I thought of giving mom a handmade origami card on her birthday this week, and i came up with these two. I prefer to give her the one with the flapping bird which mom taught me when I was a kid. I’ve tried making handmade greeting cards before, especially Christmas cards, though I used other techniques than origami. Despite the ease and speed of sending greetings through e-cards, cellphone texting and Facebook wall posting, I continue to like handmade cards for their uniqueness, personalized touch, and the sheer enjoyment of making them yourself.

Several sites in the Internet feature beautifully crafted origami greeting cards. Here are my favorites:

Here are some more cards I made:




My 7-year-old niece’s first origami greeting card project: