Mini-Book or Mini-Album

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This mini-book or mini-album model is designed and folded by me. It’s based on a 4 x 4 grid and makes use of a double or twin sink folds. No cutting. Gluing is not necessary. It has 12 pages (or 6 square flaps). There are 4 triangular pockets: 1 on the first or front page, 1 on the rear page, and 2 in the middle. There are also pockets in the 2nd and 5th flaps.

The photos show the mini-book at its barest. I folded it using a 12″ x 12″ scrapbook paper. If you make one, you can add any embellishments you like. Use a separate paper for the cover.

20170703_174346 (3)




mandala cards

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friendship card

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card- 2 flapping birds (2)


Christmas card

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card: flowers and 2 birds

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I just love the birds-and-flowers motif for cards. The birds are made by kirigami, while the flowers were drawn with watercolor….I know, I need more practice with the brush. 🙂


origami card: bird and flowers

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my latest dragon

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dragon sepia