Links on origami

Origami Designing
Designing using Circle Packing and Box Pleating
Designing origami models: Part 1
Designing origami models: Part 2
Doodle program
Origami techniques
Laws of Origami by Robert J. Lang
Origami Diagramming Conventions: A Historical Perspective by Robert J. Lang
Treemaker 5 – Origami design software program. See also The Genesis of Treemaker 5 by Robert J. Lang
The Evolution of Origami Ungulates
Various lectures by Prof. Eric Demaine

Origamists’ Websites
Brill, Dave
Joisel, Eric
Lang, Robert
Mitchell, David
Takashi, Hojyo
Wu, Joseph

The Origami Forum

Origami Societies
British Origami Society
Nippon Origami Association
Origami Austria
Origami Society of Toronto
Origami USA

Articles and e-Books
Design of Origami Models
Origami: Complexity Increasing
Origami Essence

Creased: Magazine for Paper Folders


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